Brush & Palette by Andrew Haslen

  • 22nd May 2021 to 5th June 2021

It is with great pleasure and a certain amount of excitement to announce Andrew's next exhibition here at Pinkfoot. As many of his collectors will know, since Andrew's diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease, he has been inventing new ways to paint to best fit his varying condition. Brush & Palette is the first collection of Andrew's work using this technique. Personally, I think this collections includes some of his best ever work, the immediacy and fluidity given by the palette knife allows Andrew to indulge in his passion for line and movement. Andrew's unique understanding of animals and how they live and breathe means they come to life in his studio; it feels like you're with the creature.

We know this exhibition will be popular, so as not to have a rush in the gallery, you will be able to buy these paintings from the 1st May. 

Totally self-taught, Andrew is inspired by the landscape and wildlife that surrounds his home. A lifelong interest in nature allows him to have the required knowledge of his subject. He has been strongly motivated by the work of 20th Century wildlife artists such as R B Talbot Kelly and Eric Ennion. 

The Hare plays a big role in Andrew’s work, and having first hand experience hand raising three orphaned hares, he knows the creature well and continues to be fascinated by them. We have signed copies available of Andrew's beautiful art book, The Winter Hare.